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Kahlon and Company, Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) is a full cycle accounting company from incorporation to bookkeeping, to tax planning and tax filing. The complicated situations like Capital Gains, Small business taxes, Passive income, Eligible Dividends and CRA Audits is something that we pride ourselves on too. See our list of services below

 Bookkeeping - organized monthly quarterly or yearly services available to help fit
your needs. These services include Income statement and balance sheet
preparations with a complimentary review of the documents.
 Personal Tax preparation (T1) - T4, T5 preparations. Complete T1 filings with
attention to allowable deductions helping you minimize your tax burden, and
increase potential refunds. E-Filing services to allow for the quickest processing
of your return.
 Corporate tax preparation (T2) - Full cycle accounting from bookkeeping to bank
reconciliations, to GST/HST filings, to payroll and T4 preparations to completion
of your Corporate Tax Return with Notice to Readers. Attention to allowable
deductions to ensure the greatest benefits for today and the future. Strong
understanding of Corporate tax rules.
 Company Incorporations - Sole Proprietor, Partnerships or Corporations we can
help explain the differences and ensure you are starting off on the right foot. All
documents (bi-laws, share certificates, partnership agreements etc) will be
provided. We also manage changes to Corporate structures with the addition or
subtraction of new shareholders, directors, company officers.
 Tax Planning
 New company acquisitions
 CRA audits and documentation requests.